NOVEMBER 12, 2018

The Wellington City Council met Monday November 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. for a regular monthly business meeting. The meeting was held at the City Hall, 101 East Fourth St. Mayor Peterson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

In attendance were Mayor Richard Peterson, Council members Wm. Roy Barker, Randy Florence, A. Kent Rogge and Dave Russell, City Collector Mark Schroer, City Clerk Sharon Barker, Police Chief Josh Coen, employees Wilson Jones Jr, and Mark Adkison. Visitors present were Ken Gassen from Mike Keith Insurance and Derek Bolten. City Animal Control Officer Tara Miller joined the meeting around 8:00

Ken Gassen presented the Council with Insurance quotes for 2019 and explained changes from the 2018 policy. No action was taken.

Derrick Bolten addressed the council regarding his water bill. He stated his bill will up to date in full by November 14, 2018. No action was taken.

Motion was made by Councilman Barker seconded by Florence to accept the agenda. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

Motion was made by Florence and seconded by Russell to approve the minutes of the regular and closed meetings of October 8, 2018. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

Department Reports:

Water/Sewer Department

* Wilson Jones’ report for October 2018 was in the Council packets.

* Jones stated that the DPD samples were taken and the results were good. He stated the “wet test” will be taken tomorrow, November 13, 2018 and will be sent in for testing. This test is required periodically by DNR.

* Water usage comparison report was in the council packets and the ground tank records were available at the meeting. Rogge questioned the loss of water and was informed that the meter at the football field at the school has not been read. They use bulk water from summer to the end of the football season. Adkison was asked to read the meter tomorrow and make sure there are no leaks there.

* Mayor Peterson reported on the lagoon project. We are waiting for our Engineer to get approval from DNR to install the SAGER system. The tile system was not approved by DNR.

* Adkison reported that the sandbox on the Ford is rusting. He believes we can get through this winter with it but it will not be in good enough shape for next winter.

* The to-do list for Adkison and Blacketer is to flush the hydrants and valves, install the new sandbox on the dump truck, fix the ditch at Pine and 3rd Street and fix the water meter in the

alley behind the post office. Mayor Peterson also asked them to make sure everything is in working order for the winter.

* Mayor Peterson reported that a bill has been submitted from the Niendick family showing their costs for their engineer. No action will be taken.

Cemetery Department

Street Department

* Mayor Peterson reported he had spoken to our Engineer and everything will be submitted regarding the grant by the deadline.

Animal Control

* Tara Miller, Animal Control Officer reported that the owner of 2 pit bulls that appeared at the last home football game was given 10 days to remove them from the City. She was informed that the owner has contacted her attorney regarding this. If the dogs are not removed by November 20, 2018 Chief Coen stated that tickets will be issued.

* Clerk Barker was asked to add a line to the Welcome to Wellington packets that pit bulls are not allowed in the city limits.

Police Department

* Monthly report was in the packet and reviewed prior to meeting. There were no questions regarding the report.

* Chief Coen reported he and a fellow officer visited the school with a drug dog and were happy to report that no drugs were found. They will be doing this about twice a year.

* Chief Coen reported that he and Officer Young replaced the console in the police car, that cameras had been installed in City Hall and the police department and that he has written a total of 8 policies for the department.

* Chief Coen reported that the problem with the police uniforms has not been resolved. He will be purchasing uniforms elsewhere.


* City Collector Mark Schroer gave his report for October.

* Checks were received from Lafayette County for taxes they received in September in the amount of $183.14 and October in the amount of $102.52. The 3rd quarter sales tax received was $1,254.10.

* The Council reviewed the delinquent water bill report

* Clerk Barker submitted a report of all delinquent accounts for the past 11 months. There was no action taken as it was tabled to the next meeting. Examples of letters were in the council packets.

* Schroer stated he would like to thank Mary Ann Campbell for filling in for him during his hospitalization. She will continue to fill in when he has doctor appointments.


* Florence made a motion, seconded by Rogge to accept the Financial Report and current bills with additions. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

Other Business

* The 2017-2018 Audit report was in the council packets. Florence made a motion to accept the Audit seconded by Rogge. Roll call vote. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

* The April election was discussed. Motion was made by Councilman Barker and seconded by Florence that the filing dates for the April 2, 2019 election be from 8:00 to 5:00 on December 12, 2018 and January 15, 2019. Filing times will be during regular business hours of 1:30-4:30 from December 13, 2018 through January 11, 2019. Roll call vote. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

* After discussion, eligible employees will continue to receive the Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Hams for Christmas as well as another person that has volunteered many hours helping the City.

With no further business motion was made by Florence and seconded by Rogge to adjourn. Roll call vote. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

Mayor Peterson declared the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sharon Barker, City Clerk
Richard Peterson, Mayor