SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

The Wellington City Council met Monday September 10, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. for a regular monthly business meeting. The meeting was held at the City Hall, 101 East Fourth St. Mayor Peterson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

In attendance were Mayor Richard Peterson, Council members Wm. Roy Barker, Randy Florence, and A. Kent Rogge, City Clerk Sharon Barker, Police Chief Josh Coen, employees Wilson Jones Jr, Mark Adkison, Rollin Blacketer and Tara Miller. Visitors present were Ruth Beamer and Dawne Jones. Dave Russell and Mark Schroer were unable to attend.

Motion was made by Councilman Barker and seconded by Rogge to accept the agenda. Motion carried 3-0 in favor. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye, and Rogge aye.

Motion was made by Rogge and seconded by Councilman Barker to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of August 13, 2018. Motion carried 3-0 in favor. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye, and Rogge aye.

Department Reports:

Water/Sewer Department

* Wilson Jones’ report for August 2018 was in the Council packets.

* Jones stated that water samples were still good. He reported that the 1st lagoon cell was almost full and expects to get samples from it later this week or next week.

* Wilson Jones reported that DNR will be here September 17th for a routine inspection of our public water system.

* Ground tank records and water usage comparison reports were in the council packets. There were no questions regarding the reports.

* Adkison and Blacketer reported there were no problems at the present time with equipment.

* The to-do list for Adkison and Blacketer is to start working on the hydrants and valves when the mowing is caught up.

Street Department

Adkison reported that the dump truck is in need of repair. He will take it to be worked on this week.

Mayor Peterson stated he has been in touch with the grant writer, Ann Black, and our engineer Jim Ross and they are working together to get everything we need to apply for the grant. Grant paperwork can be submitted after January 1, 2019 and decisions will be made in April, 2019.

Mayor Peterson talked about a grant from TAP Program from DOT for sidewalks, bike paths. Florence asked him to get more information and see if they do anything about cross-walks and report at next meeting.

Animal Control

* Tara Miller, Animal Control Officer stated everything was good.

* Miller stated that the Facebook page helps a lot as people can post roaming dogs on there so their owners may be contacted.

* Miller asked for permission to purchase two tee shirts. One short sleeve and one long sleeve. She was told to go ahead and order them.

Cemetery Board

* There was nothing to report.

Police Department

* Monthly report was in the packet and reviewed prior to meeting. There were no questions regarding the report. Chief Coen stated everything is going good.

* Chief Coen reported that the new reserve officer, Paul Young, has finished most of his training and will be able to patrol on his own.

* Chief Coen reported he had received a call about uniforms and it will be 4-6 weeks before they will be sent. He will get tee shirts for himself and the reserve officers for the fair.

* Chief Coen reported that he would like to replace the console in the police car. He was instructed to get 3 quotes and present them at the next meeting.

* There was no action taken on the stop sticks

* Chief Coen reported that the fax machine is installed and working well.

* Mayor Peterson asked Chief Coen how much the City would need to up front the police department for the upcoming Self Defense Class. (The money will be refunded to the City after the class is held.) The fee for the instructor will be $200.00 and Coen was told to purchase snacks at Wal-Mart. The training will take place at the CCC on September 22nd, 2018 and is open to everyone. Pre-registration is requested by September 14th 2018.


* City Collector Mark Schroer is hospitalized and was unable to attend. Deputy collector Mary Ann Campbell prepared his reports and copies were given to the Council.

* It was noted that a check was received from Lafayette County for property taxes in the amount of $420.65.

* The Council had no questions regarding the delinquent water bill report.


* Florence made a motion, seconded by Rogge to accept the Financial Report and current bills with additions. One bill was questioned as Coen did not purchase anything from that supplier. There were some invoices from the police department with no backup and Clerk Barker was instructed to pay them when packing slips or invoices are received from Chief Coen.

Other Business

* Mayor Peterson reported that Janes Tree Service from Odessa will be cutting the tree on 5th & Bluff streets soon.

* Mayor Peterson reported that DNR will be here September 11, 17 and 18.

* Amendment to Section 117-Personnel was tabled until the next meeting, October 8, 2018.

* Clerk Barker stated that the original chairs in the Council Room were tearing up the floor so they were replaced by the old wooden chairs. The felt does not stay on the bottom of them and they also scratch the floor. She asked if we should replace the chairs or the floor. No decision was made.

* Mayor Peterson asked what does the council want to do with the surplus equipment in the storage rooms. No decision was made.

* Clerk Barker informed the Council that Deputy Collector Mary Ann Campbell will be out of town October 1st-17th and Barker will be gone the 12th through the 23rd. Mayor Peterson and Councilman Barker will cover the Collector’s office the 15th through the 17th unless Mark Schroer is released to come back to work.

Florence made a motion seconded by Councilman Barker to go into closed session regarding personnel and legal issues.

Regular meeting adjourned at 7:58.

At 8:07 motion was made by Florence and seconded by Councilman Barker to return to regular meeting.

With no further business motion was made by Florence and seconded by Rogge to adjourn. Roll call vote. Motion carried 3-0. Councilman Barker aye, Florence aye and Rogge aye.

Mayor Peterson declared the meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

__________________________ ____________________________

Sharon Barker, City Clerk Richard Peterson, Mayor