March 12, 2018

The Wellington City Council met Monday, March 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. for a regular monthly business meeting. The meeting was held at the City Hall, 101 East Fourth St. Mayor Peterson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

In attendance were Mayor Richard Peterson, Council members Wm. Roy Barker, A. Kent Rogge and Dave Russell, Police Chief Brian Weese, City Clerk Sharon Barker, City Collector Mark Schroer, employees Wilson Jones, Rollin Blacketer, Tara Miller and Mark Adkison. Visitors present were Ruth Beamer, Dawne Jones, Craig Williams-Lafayette County Commissioner, Neal Niendick, Linda Niendick and Benjamin Niendick. Councilman Randy Florence joined the meeting at 7:25.

A motion was made by Rogge and seconded by Councilman Barker to accept the agenda. Motion carried 3-0 in favor. Councilman Barker, aye, Rogge, aye and Russell, aye.

Motion was made by Russell and seconded by Rogge to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of February 12, 2018. Motion carried 3-0 in favor. Councilman Barker, aye, Rogge, aye and Russell aye.

Lafayette County Commissioner Craig Williams addressed the council asking for support in renewing the ½ cent sales tax that will be on the April 3,2018 Ballot. He distributed paperwork that explained points to be considered. The City and Road District receive monies from this fund. It has been in place since 1983 and is renewed every 5 years.

The Niendick family addressed the council regarding their proposal to allow irrigation from the city lagoon onto their farm. Each council member received a copy of the proposal in their packets. Wilson Jones informed the Niendick’s that out of 1 million gallons of water 152 pounds of Nitrogen and 106 pounds of phosphorus are present. They answered questions and expressed their desire to help the city with the project. The present lagoon will not pass the new requirements of DNR which go into effect 1-1-2019.

Department Reports:

Water/Sewer Department

· Wilson Jones gave his report for February 2018. He stated all tests are well within limits. He stated we should purchase enzyme blocks for the lagoon and start using them as they helped with the wastewater limits last year.

· Ground tank records and water usage comparison report was in their packets. Councilman Barker asked why the water billed and water used was so out of balance. Mayor Peterson will contact MRWA to come in to check for leaks.

· Adkison and Blacketer reported the dump truck battery repeatedly needs recharging since the sand box was installed. A bigger alternator and/or new batteries may be needed. Mayor

Peterson will contact someone to check it out for the city. They also reported that all stop signs with the exception of the two at the fire station have been placed on our poles. The two at the fire station are in concrete. The council will try to get the tools needed to replace those stop signs.

· The to-do list for Adkison and Blacketer is to continue with normal daily activities, remove all emblems from the old police car and get the boat ready to start boating the lagoon.

· Rollin Blacketer informed the council that he will be taking early retirement on April 1, 2018. He stated he will still work 20 hours per week and every other weekend. He further stated if needed he would come in at any time. The council thanked him and accepted his future hours. A part time person may need to be hired to help with mowing and weed eating.

Street Department

· Mayor Peterson reported that the salt and sand mix we received did a much better job of cleaning the streets during the past snow.

· The council asked Mayor Peterson to order more of the mix and we can store it for next year if it is not used.

Animal Control

· Tara Miller, Animal Control Officer gave a report on Ferrell cats. She has contacted a veterinarian in Concordia who gave her prices for spaying and neutering cats.

· Miller was informed that we have a raccoon problem in the west side of town. Councilman Russell will let us use his traps to capture the culprit.

Cemetery Board

· Mayor Peterson will contact “Jacob’s Ladder” cemetery restoration specialists and Palmer and sons for bids to repair damaged headstones. Adkison reported there are 6 headstones that need to be repaired.

· Mole Chasers have been ordered to address the Mole problem at the Cemetery.

Police Department

· Chief Weese presented his monthly report and reported the next court date is March 29, 2018.

· Weese reported that reserve officers Smith and Reitz will no longer be working for the city due to advancements in their full time jobs. He has someone who is interested and will submit his application as soon as he receives it.

· Council approved to sell the Lights and Siren on the old police car to the Fire Department for $300.00.

· Weese reported there are growing pains with 911 being relocated from Lexington to Higginsville but they are working to get everything running smoothly.

· As long as we are 2 reserve officers short the council agreed to let Andrew Lockhart increase his hours to 40 per month but the hours are to be spread out over the month, not used in a short period of time.


· City Collector Mark Schroer presented his report for February 2018. He reported that checks were received from Lafayette County for property taxes in the amount of $992.93 and Surtax in the amount of $263.56

· Schroer submitted the delinquent water bill report for review and discussion.

· Schroer reported that there will be property on Arabella Street sold on the Lafayette County Courthouse Steps on April 3, 2018.

· Schroer reported he will be out of the office on March 15, possibly March 16 and April 3.


· Florence made a motion, seconded by Rogge to accept the Financial Report. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

· Florence made a motion to approve the current bills with additions seconded by Rogge. Motion carried 4-0. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

Other Business

· Mayor Peterson stated he had been contacted by the 4-H club. They would like to put flowers around in the park. As long as they are in flowerpots there was no objection.

· After discussion and review motion was made by Russell and seconded by Rogge to accept the Engineer’s quote for irrigating the lagoon. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye. Council wants to keep communication open between the city and Niendick family to ensure irrigation takes place at times convenient with all parties. Mayor Peterson will contact our Attorney to prepare paperwork, he will also inquire as to life expectancy of pivots.

· There were several budget amendments presented to the council. After discussion motion was made by Rogge seconded by Councilman Barker to accept the budget amendments with additions presented at meeting. Motion carried 4-0. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

· There was discussion regarding the emblems on the new police car. The council was not happy with the way it looked. Florence met with the installer and they are willing to make it right. Florence made the motion seconded by Councilman Barker to have the following corrections to the emblem: no tiger head, no bottom white panel and lettering is to be split evenly at doors. Motion carried 4-0. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

· Clerk Barker asked the council to approve budget amendments to the employees who will be affected by the new pay effective 4-1-18. Florence made motion seconded by Russell to approve the budget increase for the 3 people it will affect. Motion carried 4-0. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

· A local landlord contacted Mayor Peterson with concerns about delinquent water bills. He asked if we could get a larger deposit up front or shut off meters when the bill reaches $150.00. After discussion there was no action taken.

As there was no further business a motion was made by Florence and seconded by Rogge to adjourn. Motion carried 4-0. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

Mayor Peterson declared the meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sharon Barker, City Clerk
Richard Peterson, Mayor