OCTOBER 9, 2017

The Wellington City Council met Monday, October 9, 2017 at 7:15 p.m. for a regular monthly business meeting. Start time was delayed for quorum to arrive. The meeting was held at the City Hall, 101 East Fourth St.

In attendance were Mayor Richard Peterson, Council members Wm. Roy Barker, Randy Florence, A. Kent Rogge and Dave Russell, Police Chief Brian Weese, City Clerk Sharon Barker, City Collector Mark Schroer, employees Wilson Jones, Mark Adkison, Rollin Blacketer and Tara Miller. Visitors present were Dawne Wilson, Ruth Beamer, and Joe Thornburg.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Richard Peterson with the pledge of allegiance followed by a moment of silence in memory of Clinton Lieneke, a former council member, fire fighter and patriarch of Wellington.

A motion was made by Rogge and seconded by Russell to accept the agenda. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge, aye and Russell aye.

Motion was made by Councilman Barker seconded by Rogge to approve the minutes of the September 13 meeting. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence, aye, Rogge, aye and Russell aye.

Department Reports:

Water/Sewer Department

· Wilson Jones presented his report for September. Water samples were good. Weeds are under control. The lagoon sample was slightly over on E-Coli but it did not flag as out of limits on the report. Another enzyme block needs to be put in this week.

· Ground tank records and water usage comparison report was in their packets. The Council had no questions regarding the reports.

· Mayor Peterson reported the water meter project is completed. We are having a problem with 2 meters that is due to a patch needed on our handheld. It is on the way. The IT guy, Thomas, will be here the week of October 22nd. The check for installation of the meters can now be released.

· Mayor Peterson reported that he has contacted the sand company and the road district will pick it up for us.

· Wellington-Napoleon Special Road District has transferred ownership of the 1993 Chevy dump truck to the City in kind with the stipulation that they have the right to use it at any time.

· The to-do list for Adkison and Blacketer is to finish installing insulation in the shed, boat the lagoon at least once a week, check the lift stations weekly, on Saturdays or Sundays for grease

buildup, exercise the rest of the valves, flush the rest of the hydrants and spray weeds with brush killer.

Street Department

Mayor Peterson announced that he will look for a stainless steel sand box to put on the dump truck and he will order salt.

Peterson stated Melvin Beckemeyer will look at the ditch on 3rd and Vine and let us know how to proceed the fixing of it.

Russell is questioning how we can get residences to not put their grass in the street when they mow their yards.

Joe Thornburg entered the meeting at this time and inquired how the pump stations and water tower will work if there is an emergency and electricity was off for a few days. Council discussed several options with him. Mayor Peterson will inquire as to cost of renting pumps or generators in relation to purchasing pumps and generators. We will need to install a transfer lift switch if we go with the generator.

Animal Control

· Animal Control Officer Tara Miller reported everything is running pretty smoothly now. The cat that was a problem has been caputured and a new home was found for it.

· Miller stated she has talked to several residents and most of them have come in to purchase a tag.

· Cemetery Board

· Councilman Barker reported the Street light and the light at the cemetery is still out.

Police Department

· Chief Weese presented his monthly report.

· Weese reported that the Reserve Officers are self motivated and are doing a good job.

· Mayor Peterson reported we should receive the new police car sometime in November.

· Weese reported that he would like stop sticks and earbuds for their radios.

· Weese was given permission to buy tokens for car washes instead of putting it on his personal credit card each time and wait for reimbursement.


· City Collector Mark Schroer presented his report for September 2017. He reported that a check had been received from Lafayette County for taxes in the amount of $720.97.

· Schroer submitted the delinquent water bill report for discussion.


· Russell made a motion, seconded by Florence that the Financial Report be accepted and that the current bills along with additions be approved for payment. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

· Florence questioned the increase projected by Lafayette County Call Center. Florence stated it is his understanding that the cost is relative to the amount of usage.

As there was no further business to discuss, motion was made by Florence and seconded by Russell to adjourn. Roll call vote was taken. Motion carried 4-0 in favor. Councilman Barker, aye, Florence aye, Rogge aye and Russell aye.

Mayor Peterson declared the meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sharon Barker, City Clerk
Richard Peterson, Mayor