The Wellington City Council met Monday, October 12, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. for a regular monthly business meeting. The meeting was held at the City Hall, 101 East Fourth St.

Council members present were: Dave Russell, Randy Florence, Wm. Roy Barker and A. Kent Rogge (entered at 7:20 p.m.) Employees present were: Mayor Richard Peterson, Mark Schroer, Brandon Leach, Mark Adkison, Steve Ryun, Wilson Jones and Dawn Jones. Visitors present were: Karen Taube, Mark Dickey and Joe Thornburg.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor, Richard Peterson with the pledge of allegiance.

A motion was made by Wm. Roy Barker and seconded by Randy Florence to accept the agenda as presented with one addition; Mark Dickey wishes to address council members regarding his Eagle Scout Project. Motion carried 3-0 in favor.

A motion was made by Wm. Roy Barker and seconded by Randy Florence to accept the minutes of the September 14, 2015 business meeting as presented. Motion carried 3-0 in favor.

A motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by Wm. Roy Barker to accept the financial report as presented and to accept the current bills for payment. Motion passed 3-0 in favor.

Karen Taube addressed council with her concern for the broken glass along Highway 131 along the walkway. Council members took no action regarding this concern.

Mark Dickey, Boy Scout member of troop 713, presented his eagle service project for council approval and support. The project involves repairing headstones and cleaning up at the Wellington City Cemetery. Dickey will be assisted by Joe Thornburg and other troop 713 boy scouts. The work is scheduled to be completed on Saturday, October 17.

Monica Thornburg, daughter of Joe and Lori Thornburg, is imputing the Wellington City Cemetery records on computer as her Girl Scout service project. She will now move on to the second phase of the project to also put this information on the web site “Find a Grave”.

A motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by Dave Russell to give permission to put up a 35 foot Christmas tree in the City Park. The tree shall be removed immediately following Christmas. Voice vote: Wm. Roy Barker, aye, A. Kent Rogge, aye, Dave Russell, aye and Randy Florence, aye. Motion passed 4-0 vote in favor.

Council members also discussed installing a handrail along the parking area in front of the American Legion Building. It was agreed that the council and mayor have no authority on the matter.

Police Department Report:

  • Chief, Steve Ryun, presented the September activity report to council. Council members discussed reserve officer’s schedule for patrolling with Ryun. Council also discussed juvenile activity with Ryun.
  • Ryun updated council on the replacement of new street signs project he and Joe Thornburg have been working on.
  • Council heard the animal control report from Brandon Leach. There were no major issues discussed.

Water/Sewer Department Report:

  • Wilson Jones presented his September report to council members. The waste water and drinking water samples show no problems at this time. Jones reported the Department of Natural Resources has scheduled a routine inspection at the Wellington City hall (records) and water facilities October 22 at 9:00 a.m.
  • Jones also reported Utility Services has scheduled a routine inspection of the elevated water tower.
  • Mark Adkison reported the Kubota mower needed repairs.
  • Adkison also reported he had assisted with a new sewer hookup on West St.
  • Adkison and Rollin Blacketer have been working on cleaning out ditches and culverts.
  • They also are working on cleaning the mold from the ground tank.
  • October to do list for Rollin and Mark A. include exercising the water main valves and coordinating with the Fire Department to open and close the fire hydrants.
  • Adkison shall also prepare the water facility for the DNR inspection.
  • Council members reviewed the ground tank report as presented by Mark Adkison as well as the water usage report. No problems were detected with either report.

Collector’s Report:

  • Mark Schroer reported $193.36 collected in September for taxes.
  • Schroer presented the delinquent water bill report for council review.
  • Water meter deposits for September were $300.00.

There was no discussion from the street department or cemetery board.

Council discussed the personnel policy which was tabled from the September 14th meeting.

Additional time is needed to review the sample policy. Further discussion tabled until the November 9th business meeting.

Mayor Peterson informed council members he had been contacted by Aaron Dillon, of the Preferred Bank in Napoleon, regarding installing an ATM at the City Hall. A motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by Wm. Roy Barker to pursue looking into this possibility. Voice vote: Randy Florence, aye, Wm. Roy Barker, aye, A. Kent Rogge, aye and Dave Russell, aye. Motion passed 4-0 in favor. Mayor Peterson will contact Mr. Dillon to discuss this option in detail.

Mayor Peterson suggested council begin reviewing employee and elected official salary at the November meeting and be prepared to make a final decision regarding the 2015-16 salary policy by the December 14th council meeting.

Peterson also informed council members that city clerk, Mary Campbell, has indicated she wishes to retire in 2016. She requests that council begin the process of finding a replacement for the position. Council will take this request under advisement.

With no further business a motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by Wm. Roy Barker to adjourn the business meeting. Motion passed with a 4-0 vote in favor.

Mayor Peterson declared the meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Minutes of the meeting were taken by Mark Schroer in the absence of clerk, Mary Campbell.

Minutes were typed by clerk, Mary Campbell.

It was not necessary to convene in closed session.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Campbell, City Clerk
Richard Peterson, Mayor