The Wellington City Council met 7:00 p.m. Monday, June 8, 2015 at the Wellington City Hall, 101 East Fourth St. for a regular business meeting.

Council members present were: A.Kent Rogge, William Roy Barker, David Russell and Randy Florence. Also present were; Steve Ryun, Mark Schroer, Mark Adkison, Wilson Jones, Dawn Jones, Tim Logan, Brock and Jeff Beckemeyer.

Mayor Richard Peterson opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.

A motion was made by A. Kent Rogge and seconded by Wm. Roy Barker to approve the agenda with three additions; add Brock Beckemeyer to discuss painting the fire hydrants as a Boy Scout Eagle project, add Jim Walls present to request reserving the city park for Saturday, September 12 to hold the second annual “Band-Aide” event to benefit the Wellington Napoleon School Band and Justin Reade would like to discuss the issue of cats running at large. Motion passed 4-0 in favor.

A motion was made by Wm. Roy Barker and seconded by Randy Florence to accept the minutes of May 18, 2015 council meeting. Motion passed 4-0 in favor.

Clerk, Mary Campbell, presented the financial statement for council review and approval. A motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by Wm. Roy Barker to accept the financial records as presented by clerk Campbell. Motion passed 4-0 in favor.

A motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by Wm. Roy Barker to accept the current bills as presented by Mary Campbell, clerk, for payment. Motion passed 4-0 in favor.

Brock Beckemeyer requested council approval to paint the city’s fire hydrants as a Boy Scout Eagle project. All paint and labor will be provided by Brock and other Boy Scouts. Council approved the request.

Jim Walls addressed council members regarding the second annual “Band Aide” event which will be held at the City Park Saturday, September 12. Proceeds will go to the Wellington Napoleon School Band. More information about this will be forthcoming as the date gets closer. Council supports this event.

Tim Logan, representing the Wellington Fair Board, was present with the following requests for council to approve; Filling in the steps around the band stand in the park where dirt has washed away, replacing the dumpster at the corner of the Fair Building with a larger one and check into the water meter pit at the corner where the dirt is washing away.

The date for the next city council meeting was changed to Thursday, July 2, 2015 by Mayor Richard Peterson and council members.

Water/Sewer Department report:

  • Wilson Jones reported the water samples taken on May 5 were normal with no unusual problems.
  • Only influent wastewater samples taken on May 5. Lagoon cells had no effluent during the month of May.
  • CCR report has been posted and is available on line at or the City web site,
  • A boil advisory was issued for a water line break on Wednesday, May 27. Approximately 25 water customers were affected. Two samples were taken and both came back good. The water line break occurred at 396 Hannah.
  • Wilson and Mark Adkison will conduct a meter test at 400 Cherry St. to determine if the meter is not reading correctly.
  • Ground tank usage for May was reviewed. There were no issues to discuss.
  • Council agreed to advertise for bids for roof and other repairs at the water maintenance shed.
  • Mark Adkison and Rollin Blacketer’s to do list includes: test and or replace the water meter at 400 Cherry St. replace the man hole cover on Grace St. assist with any necessary repairs to the drainage issue on Water St., and talk to the Road district to see if they might assist with cleaning out side ditches and culverts.
  • Council agreed to use J.M. Plumbing from Odessa to check the drain line on Water St. for any blockage by using a camera.

Police report:

  • Council reviewed the police activity and heard comments from Chief, Steve Ryun for the previous month.
  • Ryun reported the police staff is ready for the Wellington Fair.
  • He reported the department is investigating a burglary that occurred within the city limits.
  • He reported complaints of horses leaving waste on sidewalks and streets.
  • Ryun reported he has received several complaints regarding stray cats but no other animal issues at this time.
  • A concerned citizen was present to address council regarding the stray cat issue. This citizen also expressed concerns regarding enforcing the animal ordinance to all citizens with pets cats included.


  • Council heard report from Mark Schroer regarding the delinquent water accounts.
  • The number of delinquent water accounts have improved with the change in the ordnance.
  • $690.75 was collected by the Lafayette County collector for Wellington taxes during May.


  • $117.00 was collected through donations during Memorial Day holiday.

Street Dept.:

  • Delta sweeping will be cleaning the following streets; Buford, Arabella, Lydia, Tanyard      Dr., Water St. and around the city park.
  • Council members will evaluate which streets they think need chip and sealing and discuss at the July 2, 2015 meeting.
  • Council member, Dave Russell, will contact KCPL about trimming trees that are in the power line.

 With no further business a motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by A.Kent Rogge to adjourn. Motion passed 4-0 in favor. Mayor Richard Peterson declared the meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

It was not necessary to re-convene in closed session.