The Wellington City Council met 7:00 p.m. Monday, April 13, 2015 at the Wellington City Hall, 101 East Fourth St. for a regular business meeting.


Council members present were: A.Kent Rogge, William Roy Barker, and Randy Florence. Also present were; Steve Ryun, Mark Schroer, Brandon Leach, Mark Adkison, David Russell, Wilson Jones, Dawn Jones, Ruth Beamer, Tim Logan, Meredith Edwards, Roger Morgan, Bob Morgan, and Veronica Schaberg.


Mayor Richard Peterson opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.


A motion was made by A. Kent Rogge and seconded by Randy Florence to approve the agenda with two changes; add Veronica Schaberg will be present to discuss the cat population and delete administrating the oath of office to A. Kent Rogge and David Russell due to not receiving the official election results from Linda Niendick, county clerk. Motion passed 3-0 in favor.


A motion was made by A. Kent Rogge and seconded by Randy Florence to accept the minutes of March 9 as presented. Motion passed 3-0 in favor.


Clerk, Mary Campbell, presented the financial statement for council review and approval. A motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by A. Kent Rogge to accept the financial records as presented by clerk Campbell. Motion passed 3-0 in favor.


A motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by A.Kent Rogge to accept the current bills as presented by Mary Campbell, clerk, for payment. Motion passed 3-0 in favor.


Roger and Bob Morgan, representatives, from Heartland Waste, presented a request to extend the current contract with Heartland Waste for an additional five years. A motion was made by Randy Florence and seconded by Wm. Roy Barker to accept the proposed request as presented to extend the contract with Heartland Waste. Vote; Randy Florence, aye, A. Kent Rogge, aye, and A.Kent Rogge, aye. Motion carried 3-0 in favor. Citizens will continue to be charged $8.00 monthly for curb side trash pickup.


Citizen, Meredith Edwards, was present to address council regarding the Ordinance 705.030, Water Service Disconnected—When. Her concern was that the 10 day period was not amply time for citizens to pay the arrears portion of the bill before water is disconnected.


Tim Logan, representing the Wellington Fair Board, addressed council members regarding plans for the upcoming Wellington Fair. A Barbeque contest will be held Saturday, June 6, in the City Park prior to the opening day of the Fair scheduled for Thursday, June 11. Council members approved holding a wine/beer garden June 11-13.


Water/Sewer Department report:


  • Wilson Jones presented a report on a training session he attended in Branson, Mo. and that the March test results were within normal range.
  • Wilson also discussed other methods of dredging the lagoon and other chemicals to help with breaking down the sludge.
  • Council evaluated the sewer rate which is currently $4.00 per 1000 gallons of water usage. A motion was made by A. Kent Rogge and seconded by Wm. Roy Barker to increase the sewer rate to $4.50 per 1000 gallons in order to meet the expenses of lift station and lagoon repairs and improvements as required by the current Department of Natural Resources operating permit. Vote; Randy Florence, aye, Wm. Roy Barker, aye and A. Kent Rogge, aye. Motion passed 3-0 vote. The rate increase will be reflected on the May bills that will be mailed to water customers.
  • Council approved the $3.00 annual primacy fee for water customers be included on the May water bills. The primacy fee is required by the Department of Natural Resources and is submitted annually.
  • Mark Adkison reported the mowers have been serviced by Coleman Equipment.
  • Mayor, Richard Peterson, reported the lift station pumps at 224 Highway are working fine after repairs. However, one of the pumps at the Highway 131 lift station is still out for repairs. The representative from ASC reports they are waiting for parts for the repair. After considerable discussion on the length of time ASC has had the pump for repair (4 months) it was decided that Mayor Peterson should call the business to discuss the issue.


Police report:

  • Council reviewed the police activity and heard comments from Chief, Steve Ryun for the previous month.
  • Ryun report two additional part time police staff has been hired. Ryun will work on a schedule for the officers.
  • Brandon Leach, animal control officer, informed council of several dogs that were running at large. Citizens are reminded the City does have a leash law and all pets must be registered at the Wellington City Hall and must be kept in the confines of the owner’s property or on a leash while accompanying the owner off said property.
  • Steve Ryun and Brandon Leach are looking into the cost and use of a net gun to use for caching animals running at large that are difficult to catch with the catch pole. Ryun will present additional information regarding this request at the May 11 business meeting.
  • Ryun reported that several new reflective signs will be installed this month.
  • Veronica Schaberg, citizen, discussed a concern with controlling the cat population. She will research programs available to neuter and/or spade the cats to help control this issue.



  • Council heard report from Mark Schroer regarding the delinquent water accounts. Citizens are reminded that the ordinance pertaining to the period which is water accounts are past due and the time water is shut off has changed from 30 days to 10 days after the due date of the water bill.
  • $943.78 was collected by the Lafayette County collector for Wellington taxes during March.



  • A work day is scheduled for April 25 to replace/repair some of the stones which have fallen off the bases and other improvements. If anyone is interested in volunteering to help with this project or make a donation to fund the maintenance of the cemetery they are urged to stop by City Hall and let Mark Schroer know.



Street Dept.

  • Mark will order hot patch to fill the pot holes.
  • Steve Ryun and Joe Thornburg continue to work on replacing the reflective stet signs.


With no further business a motion was made by Wm. Roy Barker and seconded by Randy Florence to adjourn. Motion passed 3-0 in favor. Mayor Richard Peterson declared the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


It was not necessary to re-convene in closed session.








Respectfully Submitted,






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Mary A. Campbell, clerk                             Richard Peterson, mayor