City Notices


Recycling – June 13, 8:00am-11:00am

City Recycling has been moved to the Road district bldg. Hwy 224 & Vine St.



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Community Fair! June 6-13

2014 Annual Water Quality Report

The Department of Natural Resources conducted a source water assessment to determine the susceptibility of our water source to potential contaminants. This process involved the establishment of source water area delineations for each well or surface water intake and then a contaminant inventory was performed within those delineated areas to assess potential threats to each source. Assessment maps an summary information sheets are available on the internet at


Wellington is located in Lafayette County, Missouri, overlooking the Missouri River. Passing through Wellington is Missouri Route 224, which has been designated as the Old Trails Scenic Byway because of its unique history and scenic qualities.


Founded in 1837, Wellington is a rural community with a rich history. The citizens of Wellington encourage family growth and leadership while maintaining traditional values.